notre vocabulaire carre

notre vocabulaire cheville


1) Take a square, with the textured side facing you.

2) Fold towards you the sidebands into a 90° angle.


3) Insert the wooden clip one by one into the holes up to the groove until it clicks.



4 ) Repeat the same process with a second square and so on.

     Well inserted, the clip turns on itself.


Use the top of a table or any flat surface and follow the example below.

ejection chevillefleche


1) Take the socket and the square with the large hole.


2) Unscrew the ring from the socket (a).
douilletriangle 2

3) Insert the socket into the large hole.

4) Screw the ring into the socket.


5) Screw the bulb into the socket.

Recommended light bulb E27 : 13.5W LED or MAX.20W FLUOCOMPACTE